Download YoWhatsApp Terbaru 2022 (official/anti-ban) APK For Free

Download YoWhatsApp Terbaru 2022 is still very popular among social media applications. Unlike the original WhatsApp, Download YoWhatsApp Terbaru 2022 is much more functional and stable! Many people often use the modified WhatsApp because of the advantages it offers in terms of customization and security. Just like Download YoWhatsApp Terbaru 2022, it has various interesting features with multiple themes to colour your chats. This best chat application also has enhanced privacy security.

Download YoWhatsApp Terbaru 2022 (official/anti-ban) APK For Free

Although there are many versions of YoWhatsApp Terbaru 2022 available online, you definitely need to be careful. You need to Download YoWhatsApp Terbaru 2022 APK from a trusted website. this is good for your data and privacy.

You can click here to download YoWhatsApp Terbaru 2022 (official/anti-ban) APK For Free!

What is Download YoWhatsApp Terbaru 2022

As we all know, WhatsApp has become the most used social media application worldwide. As such, it needs certain modifications to fully enjoy its features, which are offered in WhatsApp variants. WhatsApp new version is one of these variants with a user-friendly interface and various customization features to make users feel comfortable. Download YoWhatsApp Terbaru 2022 you can enjoy the basic features of WhatsApp and also have access to some features that are not available in the official WhatsApp. Download YoWhatsApp Terbaru 2022 is a very good software that is very stable and will not be easily banned.

What’s New in Download YoWhatsApp Terbaru 2022

Below is the list of the features that are added in YOWA latest update. This is the only changelog of a new update. Well, you can check all features of Download YoWhatsApp Terbaru 2022 from below the changelog list.

Download YoWhatsApp Terbaru 2022 with dual accounts

The first feature that users can enjoy is the new feature of dual accounts. When you use Download YoWhatsApp Terbaru 2022, you can use two YoWhatsApp numbers in one phone at the same time. In addition, you can use two accounts with one number.

You can even log into one application at the same time. If you want to migrate to the latest YoWhatsApp, there is no need to worry, as the data contained in the original WhatsApp will not be deleted.

Download YoWhatsApp Terbaru 2022 Anti-deletion messages

If you want to see the content of messages that have been deleted by the sender. You can do this when using Download YoWhatsApp Terbaru 2022. You can even view the content of messages sent by other WhatsApp users.

Thus, the Download YoWhatsApp Terbaru 2022 feature in the form of deleted messages is perfect for those who are curious about the content of chats that have been deleted by the sender of the message.

Download YoWhatsApp Terbaru 2022 Anti-deletion status

This feature of Download YoWhatsApp Terbaru 2022 does not only provide anti-deletion messages. It also offers the ability to reverse delete status form. This is really not too different from the first feature, as you can still see the status or stories that have been deleted by the WhatsApp contact. However, please note that the status does not exceed 24 hours. If it does, the status will be automatically deleted.

Disable the last appearance of Download YoWhatsApp Terbaru 2022

It is of course quite disturbing when a WhatsApp user was last online or when WhatsApp was opened for a user who uses this feature. If you want to maintain privacy and want to disable it, you can do so.

You can therefore delete and set the time when you were last online on the YoWhatsApp app according to when you want.

Other features of Download YoWhatsApp Terbaru 2022

Check out DP's scaling capabilities:

You can zoom in or zoom out any WhatsApp profile photo.

Text state:

You can write status text with 250 characters instead of 139 characters.

Copy WhatsApp Status:

You can copy any contact's WhatsApp status with one click and paste it as your status.

Send multiple pictures at the same time:

You can send up to 90 pictures instead of the 10 in the official WhatsApp.

See media preview:

You can even see previews of photos and videos before loading.

Send large video files:

You can send 700 Mb video files to your dream friends and family.


You can record your voice without pressing the microphone button continuously.

Emoji Converter:

It has an emoji changer and various emojis available in the app

Customizable widgets:

It has customizable widgets as well as themes, which can also be customized according to the user's needs.

Transfer files in different formats:

You can send and receive files or documents in various formats such as pdf, xls, txt, doc, ppt, vcard, xlsx, txt, rtf, docx, pptx and zip.


It supports multiple languages such as English, Arabic, Spanish, Spanish, etc.

How to install Download YoWhatsApp Terbaru 2022

First, you must complete the process of downloading the modified YoWhatsApp application.

Afterwards, if successful, go to the settings menu or setup.

Please click on the additional settings menu.

Then click on Privacy.

If you have activated Unknown Sources so that you can install the application.

The next step is to open the file manager and look for the application you downloaded earlier.

Select the Download YoWhatsApp Terbaru 2022 APK.

Then click on the Install button.

Wait for the installation process to complete.

FAQs of Download YoWhatsApp Terbaru 2022

Is It Safe to Use Download YoWhatsApp Terbaru 2022?

The final question is if it is safe to use Download YoWhatsApp Terbaru 2022. Well, there is no right or wrong answer but the following are some of the things that might concern you.

Account Banning

Some people will worry about the risk of account suspension when using Download YoWhatsApp Terbaru 2022. But for now, you don't have to worry. Download YoWhatsApp Terbaru 2022 is the latest version of yoWhatsApp. It is very stable and reliable. Among other things, it has designed an anti-ban, which greatly reduces the danger of accounts being blocked. You can use YoWhatsApp Terbaru 2022 with confidence.

Privacy Concerns

YoWhatsApp Terbaru 2022 is even more secure than the official WhatsApp version due to the addition of a built-in lock. But you have to make sure that you download the installation package from a trusted website.

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